Amazing experience!

First time skydiving... Had waited for years to find the perfect place! Such amazing views and awesome photos to take away :-) definitely recommend paying extra for the photographer!

Katie C, UK - 21/12/13

Very Professional…Big Planes!

My son went skydiving with Nzone and I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and friendly treatment. The drop zone is about 20 minutes outside of Queenstown and it is top notch. They have two large planes that take everyone up. We arrived and were greeted and ushered in to see our son preparing for his jump. One employee stayed with us almost the entire time and explained what was happening. Great people!

Lastinger, Florida - 14/12/13

Spectacular tandem experience

Although I have done more than 100 solo skydives in Australia, the Nzone Tandem experience was spectacular. Going to 15,000' for one, having a very handsome and experienced tandem master (Mira) was even better! Going in a great aircraft just put the icing on the cake. The ground crew, videographer (Jon), other staff (Nicki), the pilot and fellow skydivers were wonderful - from reception at Shotover St QTown, to Blair's bustrip, reception at the DZ, the whole jump experience, the genuine interest in Australia and me as a person shown by all staff was truly warm and welcoming. If I'd had more time in NZ I'd have gone straight back up. Thanks Mira for keeping me safe, Jon for the fantastic video/photo memories and Nzone for the whole day!

Julianne C, Canberra - 24/11/13

Best experience ever!

I had never in my life contemplated doing a skydive, but after hearing many enthusiastic stories from fellow New Zealand travelers, I decided to take the plunge and booked a jump at Nzone in Queenstown. I couldn't have chosen a better place. The Nzone crew were all incredibly friendly and helpful as well as very professional. Because of this my initial nervousness quickly disappeared and by the time I was sitting in the plane strapped to my tandem master Scott and taken to 15,000 feet above Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu, it was completely replaced by excitement. It's hard to explain to anyone who hasn't done a skydive, but jumping out of the plane and the 60 seconds of free fall were the most amazing feeling I've ever had. Thanks Nzone! Thanks Scott for bringing me safely back to earth! And thanks Caue for the beautiful pictures! This is something everyone should experience once in their life.

Bert, Cambridge, UK - 28/10/13

Big thanks and keep the standard high

The presentation of the queenstown office through to the the jump site was of a very high standard including the professionalism all staff who made us feel welcome/safe/informed including my family who were on the ground. Next year we will be back for the ski season and hopefully all four of us will jump together! Big thanks and keep the standard high.

Ron, Australia - 29/8/13